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Why Did the Golden State Warriors Turn Down Dwight Howard After Meeting?

The Golden State Warriors are prepared to dominate this season's preseason games with veteran  and either rookies or stars placing  in order to be prepared for the  summer camp for athletes.

A social media message announcing the Warriors' decision to not add Dwight Howard was issued in response to reports that he might join the team before training camp.

Mike Dunleavy Jr., the general manager of the Warriors and a former player, explained that the choice was made as a result of placing more emphasis on the selection of players for training camp.

I would just like to say generally that this summer we brought in maybe 40 or 50 folks to get a closer look at, knowing agents and people around the league know we have two roster places vacant.

You know, I think right now you'll know more about who we're inviting to camp in a couple of days. The kid you named [Howard] is just one of many that we came in and evaluated.

Instead of adding a seasoned player to their roster, the Warriors signed two-way contracts with NBA free agent Rodney McGruder and 2021 Houston Rockets selection pick Usman Garuba.

"Nice thing is, I believe our roster has good flexibility and adaptability. We are bringing in a variety of athletes to examine in camp who we believe can accomplish a variety of things.

In response to the Golden State Warriors' disappointing performance, Dwight Howard posted a mysterious message on  Twitter, where he expressed his worry and  after his last encounter with  Green Draymond and Paul Chris.

"Only a warrior can endure the path of wisdom; one cannot lament or look back on anything. His daily struggles never stop. And difficulties cannot reasonably be either good or harmful. be GR8 now.

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