UFC Fighter Israel Adesanya is Stopped for Drinking and  Driving

By: Rimmy Image credit: Yahoo Sports

Israel Adesanya, the former middleweight champion of the UFC, doesn't appear to be getting any better since  He was defeated by the division's  Sean Strickland, a UFC underdog  293.

The UFC fighter admitted guilt to driving while intoxicated in a recent incident that occurred on Wellesly Street in Auckland Central.

Adesanya had 87 milligrams of alcohol in her blood, which was higher than the legal limit of 50 milligrams per 100 milliliters.

After showing up in court on Monday, Adesanya, whose alleged incident occurred on August 19, has since expressed regret. The punishment for Adesanya is set for January 10, 2024.

The crime carries a potential punishment of either a $4,500 fine or three months in jail. Later, Adesanya released a statement expressing regret to the neighborhood, his family, and his staff.

"I regret choosing to drive; it was the wrong choice. Adesanya continued, "I want them to know I don't think this behavior is acceptable because I know people might follow me.

Adesanya's attorney, Karl Trotter, requested that no conviction be entered, and the judge agreed. At the time of sentencing, the judge is also requesting a discharge without conviction.

Despite the current drunk driving incident, it appears that there is insufficient evidence to classify Adesanya as an alcoholic because he has never spoken publicly about his alcoholism.


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