Cisco purchases Splunk's cybersecurity company for $28 billion. Deal in cash.

A digital market firm with the former name of Cisco is currently known as Cisco Systems Inc. My main office is in California.

Cisco will buy cybersecurity company Splunk for $157 per share in an all-cash transaction.

Cisco will pay for the deal using a combination of cash and debt.

The acquisition, which is Cisco's largest to date, is the most recent in a 2023 buying spree the corporation will be engaging in to target cybersecurity companies.

If Cisco terminates the deal or is required to do so by regulatory action, Splunk will receive a termination fee of $1.48 billion, per a regulatory filing.

If Splunk separates from Cisco, it must pay a $1 billion breakup fee. chooses to depart the contract for whatever the cause.