Sanctions and Homophobic Chants Affect Marseille vs. PSG  Urged

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The first Le Classique match between PSG and Marseille this season ended in a significant controversy that overshadowed PSG's commanding 4-0 home victory on Sunday.

The numerous homophobic shouts heard during Marseille's important away game against their French Ligue 1 rival had the fans extremely unhappy.

An online video depicts PSG fans using derogatory homophobic slurs on Marseille supporters throughout the match. Stronger penalties have been demanded by many soccer supporters.

Amelie Oudea-Castera, France's minister of sport, has denounced these slurs. It is impossible to ignore such cruel and bigoted chanting in our stands, she continued.

Amelie has asked PSG to make a legal complaint, and the disciplinary committee of the French federation will investigate this situation. "Identify the offenders and bring them to justice," she continued.

PSG has since issued a statement denouncing any sorts of prejudice. "Intends to further strengthen its preventive work in the fight against homophobia," it continued.

Additionally, PSG has proposed setting up a meeting with all partners in the upcoming days to discuss how to handle this kind of grave discrimination issue.

The authorities have had a very difficult time dealing with homophobic chants, which have been a major problem in French soccer for a very long time. It is beyond the control of even the French league's earlier action plan.

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