Final Results of Nate Diaz and Logan Paul Lookalike Street Fight

By: Rimmy Image credit: The Mirror

Nate Diaz, a former UFC champion, has consistently made headlines, both inside and outside of the octagon. Most recently, Diaz achieved a significant victory when the charges involving a street brawl was dismissed.

In April, while watching a boxing match, Nate Diaz got into a fight with Rodney Peterson Jr., a professional boxer and amateur MMA fighter.

The UFC fighter captured Rodney in a standing guillotine choke, rendering him unconscious. Rodney shares a similar appearance to Logan Paul and refers to himself online as "Not Logan Paul."

Despite Peterson's subsequent video displaying what appeared to be blood on his head, a warrant was eventually obtained for Diaz, who turned himself in and cooperated with the police.

On the other hand, the Orleans Parish District Attorney formally declined on Monday to pursue any charges against Nate Diaz, arguing that his actions were solely motivated by self-defense.

In a formal statement to MMA Junkie, Diaz's agent Zach Rosenfield said, "Today, the Orleans Parish D.A. informed us they will not be pursuing a case against Nate Diaz."

Since Rodney Peterson tried to attack Nate on Bourbon Street, we have insisted that Nate acted only in self-defense. Nate has a right to self-defense, the statement continued.

Although Nate Diaz just lost to Jake Paul in a boxing match—his first fight since leaving the UFC—it is still unknown when he will next compete.

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