Ex-Liverpool Star's Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued

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Daniel Sturridge, a former English and Liverpool striker, is currently under investigation for allegedly owing a Californian with a $30,000 incentive. A warrant for his arrest has been issued by the Los Angeles Police.

Sturridge has previously been ordered to appear in court in Los Angeles for the reward issue. But because he failed to show up, a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

Foster Washington, best known under his stage as Killa Fame, claimed to have given back Lucci, Sturridge's Pomeranian puppy. According to reports, Lucci was abducted four years ago.

Sturridge has formally announced a $30,000 reward in July 2019. Washington has filed a lawsuit because he wasn't given the award.

In December 2021, an LA court set a judgment mandating Sturridge to pay Washington $30,000. As Sturridge wasn't present in court last month to answer some questions, an arrest warrant has been issued.

Sturridge recently provided the response after long delay. He has emphasized on his social media accounts that Washington was not the person to whom he had previously paid the bounty for finding Lucci.

"I personally paid a reward to the young boy who found him," Sturridge wrote. He was thrilled to receive his prize, and my family and I were happy to bring Lucci home. There is no money owed to the individual who is demanding payment.

Sturridge said that he was uninformed about the legal proceeding. He referred to the legal action as a fraudulent claim, but he is convinced that he would swiftly and justly prevail.

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