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At least 37,000 tickets handed out in Quebec school zones in 2022: police

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Municipal police officers in Quebec issued a minimum of 37,000 citations to drivers for disregarding road safety protocols within school zones in the year 2022. The Quebec Association of Police Chiefs (ADPQ) disclosed this information on Tuesday, coinciding with the commencement of the new academic year.

The ADPQ emphasized that this figure merely scratches the surface of the problem at hand. The association clarified that it exclusively tallied the count of violation notices dispensed during specific targeted operations, which occur at designated periods throughout the year. This methodology significantly understates the comprehensive scope of interventions executed by municipal police departments.

ADPQ President, Pierre Brochet, conveyed during a press briefing, “The statistics we’re presenting are of a conservative nature. The actual count of tickets distributed across Quebec is notably higher.” Brochet further highlighted that the 36,979 citations, distributed across ten distinct regions, “underscore the prevalence of drivers who are not upholding the prescribed regulations within school zones.” He accentuated, “This translates to approximately 3,000 tickets each month. I must reiterate that this represents a substantial endeavor on the part of our law enforcement officers, notwithstanding the substantial underestimation inherent in this figure.”

In addition to these statistics, it’s noteworthy that the Quebec Auto Insurance Board (SAAQ) had previously released data, made public by the ADPQ in June, indicating that 71 percent of drivers surpass speed limits in close proximity to parks and educational institutions.

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